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Our reversible corsets can be worn either way out. Click through to the product description to see images of both sides. Obviously, making a corset that is comfortable and attractive when worn inside out is something of a challenge, so in addition to the usual features (24 spiral steel bones, for example) we make sure that these corsets are made by our most experienced tailors. Great corsetry is a complex matter. From our perspective a good product is one that has the capability to reshape your body in the way you want and looks good at the same time. In order to tick that first box, the reversible range is boned with the best spiral steel we could get our hands on. The fabrics are also selected and sewn for strength and durability so the finished product will stand up to pressure. Laced tightly, you might see a waist reduction of up to six or seven inches. For double sided corsets, we also understand that the closures and details can't pinch or dig into the skin no matter which way the item is worn. You'll notice that lace and frills are kept to a minimum throughout this collection, as any added trim could potentially irritate when the corset is reversed. Going for a reversible option means two beautiful, high quality corsets for the price of one. You can pick something with a different pattern on both sides, one with two colours, or go for a corset that can be bright and outrageous when you feel like attracting attention, and more sombre when you're after a sophisticated or understated look.
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