Although we stock corsets from size 6 up to a natural 53" waist size, there are some corsets particularly well suited to a fuller figure. You can find plus size corsets throughout all our ranges but this section holds some of the best choices. They'll give you the support you need and make the very best of your luscious curves. For those with a DD cup or greater, a steel boned corset is a must. Plus size corsets need to provide a great deal of support and they can only do that if they've got the strength to keep their shape hour after hour and occasion after occasion.

Remember that steel isn't necessarily a burden- we get a lot of positive feedback from women who struggle to get good support from a bra. A comfortable, well-fitted corset can be a comfort revelation. There is a certain type of corset that looks better in XXL sizes. If you've already got curves and want to use them to make a statement that won't be forgotten in a hurry, choose a corset with a sharply cut sweetheart bust. This means cleavage, and cleavage like you have never had before. The first (and only) rule of Plus Size club wear this this: If you've got it, flaunt it! The length of the garment also counts. Taller women should choose longer corsets if they want to smooth out the figure, and anyone under about 5' 6" should take care to choose a shorter one (say 15" or less), otherwise the torso can look a little too long. A well fitted, tightly laced steel corset can bring in the waist by about 5 inches. That's easily two dress sizes in an instant, although we do recommend getting used to a new corset before lacing it as tightly as you possibly can, particularly if you haven't worn similar clothing before.

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