As the name suggests, underbust corsets are more about the waist and less about creating lift and cleavage. Our steel boned underbust corsets - which are designed and constructed to the highest standards - can cinch in the waist by between four and five inches for most wearers, and in some cases by as much as 4-5 inches. The authentic steel boning reshapes and supports but they are easier to sit or bend down in and cooler on a hot Australian summer night than an overbust, and you can also wear them with a wider variety of outfits.

All our underbust corsets come with the features and quality you can expect from our brand. That means modesty panels, comfortable linings, tough but beautifully detailed construction, and of course excellent steel boning on many models. We've taken care to include a range of different styles too, including our Instant Shape corsets featuring flat steel bones, for those who want something a little more relaxed. There are underbusts suitable for weddings, for an important business meeting, nights out on the town, and for burlesque costumes. You can pair an underbust corset with almost any top. They are stunning with a loose, flowing blouse and increasingly popular with suits. If you're bored of the same old office skirt and jacket ensemble, try spicing it up with one of our more subtle designs for a sharp silhouette. The vintage-style underbust range is also fast gaining a foothold with retro fashion fans.

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