Steampunk clothing has never been more popular in Australia and New Zealand, and around the world. In fact, steampunk itself is all the rage at the moment. It's in more books, more graphic novels, more films, and more TV programs than ever before, and the costumes are a big part of it. They bring elements of Victorian dress into a modern, liberated mindset where women can wear graceful skirts and still keep up with the boys.

Steampunk fashion all started with books. Jules Verne is considered one of the fathers of the genre, alongside HG Wells. More recently, writers like China Mieville and Alan Moore have made their mark too. Thankfully, modern writers have brought a whole host of strong female heroines in to stand alongside the more traditional male protagonists. Close observers will spot other romantic elements in our women's steampunk clothing. There's a touch of English Victoriana but also a more piratical high-seas flavour to the outfits, alongside traces of the American Wild West and more modern style too.

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